Does Real Beauty Still Exist ?

In a world of Instagram filters, plumped up lips, contoured faces and let’s not forget the perfect shaped symmetrical eyebrows is it any wonder that beauty has now became completely distorted.
It only takes a quick scroll on an Instagram feed to see thousands of images of surgically enhanced faces filtered to perfection, this trend is now featured on the high street as the number of young people having cosmetic surgeries is on the rise. It is now a common sight to see young girls walking around with overly plumped up lips, fake eyelashes and of course the mermaid mane of hair extensions.
Gone are the days when just a few coats of mascara, a little bit of lipstick and blusher were deemed as the normal beauty regime among the masses. Now it has turned into a mini make up transformation which requires around 10 products before application of any make up even begins. The aim now is not to enhance natural features with makeup, it is to completely transform facial features so much so that wh…

Entrepreneur Mania

Give up your day job, escape the 9 to 5, become your own boss whilst working from an exotic location of your choice, Bali being one of the most popular among the new age entrepreneurs.
You have no doubt been bombarded by these pop up facebook ads whilst scrolling through your feed on your typical daily lunch break. Normally these ads feature relatively young looking people who have that just stepped off the beach look sporting a pair of  Havaianas and a super charged green juice in hand. Makes your day job seem pretty mundane and it may have you contemplating packing in your job as you watch the remaining 5 minutes of your lunch break tick by on your watch.
Don’t be fooled by all of this hype being spat out by this new movement of self-claimed “entrepreneurs”, many of whom are generating their income by selling a dream to desperate people buying into their questionable claims. The main theme of the ad is to tell you repeatedly how they make millions of dollars, then proceed to tell you …

Stuck in Limbo

Life in limbo, feeling lost, just a few phrases we seem to throw about when life is taking us on a not so pleasant path, or when life just seems to not be happening the way we had pictured it to go. You may feel you are up against a brick wall stuck in the same situation with little or no progress been made whatsoever.

I myself am no stranger to the limbo club, actually I have probably spent the good part of the last 10 years in limbo. Constantly stuck in some strange transit stage living in temporary situations and the frustration of not being able to lay down any solid foundations. For lack of a better word I may now still be deemed a loyal member of the limbo club.
Yes, I am still in limbo mode, I don’t know which way my life is going or even where I will be living in the not so distant future, not to mention the whole career path. Most of my fellow thirty somethings people would have a full-blown anxiety attack if they were in my situation, as I do not score high on society’s succes…